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NGA shifts technology investment to reflect the “GEOINT revolution”

GEOINT 2022: The retiring Director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency has introduced a brand new set of “Mission Obligations” as well as to the technical measures that establishments want to pursue to enhance their efficiency.

“We want to make these adjustments to pace up and keep forward of the day by day GEOINT,” Vice Admiral Robert Sharp instructed the USGIF GEOINT 2022 Annual Conference right here in Denver. “These ideas aren’t new, however I’ve by no means put them on paper in public.”

Sharp will retire and will probably be changed by Lieutenant General Tray Whitworth in June.

New key “2022 TechFocus Areas” The technique is the establishment’s long-standing give attention to encouraging the use of as unclassified information as attainable from primarily categorized information to enable speedy dissemination to customers, together with navy commanders. Is altering. In addition, in accordance to this doc, NGA depends totally on U.S. authorities information, so it collects extra industrial and related open supply information and redirects the evaluation course of to automation as a lot as attainable. is required.

“We are in the midst of a GEOINT revolution,” wrote Chief Technology Officer Alex Loehr in the preamble to this doc. “To lead this revolution, we need to radically change how GEOINT workflows start, preferred data and sources, and primary domains.”

General Richard Clark of the Army, head of the Special Operations Army, reiterated this sentiment in a kick-off speech at GEOINT.

“The flood of latest picture capabilities is overwhelming. Data-driven applied sciences like synthetic intelligence are important for sifting massive quantities of information throughout safety classifications. [draw] To allow the superiority of conclusions and selections, “Clark mentioned.

NGA’s New Technology Investment Document is a renewal of the first “Technology Priority Areas”. Published in 2020Loehr explains positively, utilizing a “technology lens” to “mission lens” pivot to information future work. “The necessities of those missions are important to understanding the place we’re heading, as we decide how we allocate time, power, folks, and assets.”

This doc particulars the 4 mission areas that NGA at the moment prioritizes.


To guarantee dependable positioning, navigation, timing and focusing on (APNT & T), NGA invests in:

  • “Stabilization, modernization, and transformation of critical geodetic infrastructure.” This is NGA’s international reference mannequin, World Geodetic, based mostly on a set of constants and parameters that describe the measurement, form, gravity, and geomagnetism of the Earth. Includes System 1984 (WGS 84) updates. “Efforts give attention to streamlining processes, eliminating conventional handbook actions, bettering effectivity, and leveraging them. Artificial intelligence (AI) Machine studying (ML), and customary implementation automation. “
  • “Consistent and correct operation in a GPS-rejected surroundings.” This consists of “strengthening the provision of the WGS 84 system and better constancy to be used in next-generation fighters, weapons and assortment techniques.” Includes “improvement of theater fashions constructed with diploma, accuracy, and new phenomenology.” The doc additionally states that the NGA wants to replace the security of its navigation options.
  • “Global dynamic modeling”. To do that, use extra automation, set requirements, overview information administration strategies, and create “system-independent, enterprise-managed information providers accessible to all licensed customers.” It is included.
  • “Precision GEOINT.” NGA wants to “incorporate laptop imaginative and prescient” into the means picture merchandise are created, in addition to “automate the correct picture course of”.

Accelerated job orchestration

The objective beneath this mission is “to present our clients with the highest high quality geospatial information, data and pictures by considerably shortening our essential timeline.” This requires automating the means information is collected by way of machine studying and constructing “AI, software program, interfaces, and databases for the wants and planning of speedy distant sensing and geospatial information assortment.”

Data entry and information integrity

This is outlined as the want to “present dependable GEOINT information that’s simply discoverable, accessible, and interoperable whereas sustaining and defending integrity.” In explicit, in accordance to this doc, NGA should guarantee the validity of business, overseas, and open supply information to forestall attackers from manipulating it. To do that, businesses put money into “safe information providers,” “information integration and optimization,” and “cross-domain providers,” trusting “theater and tactical edge customers” in denial or degraded environments. We present GEOINT information that may be carried out.

Analysis workflow modernization

This mission space focuses on accelerating the creation of analytical merchandise by NGA, primarily by way of automation and modeling.

Sharp states that the new Tech Focus Areas are linked to two different strategic paperwork targeted on software program. The first “NGACORE: Common Operations Release Environment” describes a brand new software program improvement surroundings for presidency businesses. The second “NGE Software Way” particulars how NGAO “builds software program”.

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