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How to stop spams in your emails 2022

Hey guys, This is from, and Please follow our website, unfortunately, spam is a part of our life. Now I’m not talking about the spam that we eat, I’m talking about the spam in your email folder. Stay tuned to see how you can keep that cleaned up, and save yourself a lot of frustrations. So guys checkout the video carefully and it is going to really helpful for you. Hey guys, I’m Neadom Tucker, owner of Kotori Technologies, and today we’re going to talk about spam. Spam is on the menu. No, we’re not talking about the canned spam, we’re talking about spam in your inbox. How do I get rid of it? How do I stop it from happening? How do I keep my sanity? So, the first thing that we can take a look at, is honestly, stop filling out those forms.

I know this sounds really simple, but all these Amazon gift cards, and all of these, hey, this white paper for that, and this document for this, and hey do this. These are conversions for websites. Getting your email address, having access to you personally in your, in your mailbox, being able to talk to you, because you want to look at this design sheet or what not, think about these things when you give out your email address, about what you’re giving access to. You’re signing up for spam basically.

So, make sure that you’re paying attention to what you’re using, a lot of times these larger organizations, like, they’re doing $50 gift cards, will then take that email, and then potentially sell it or use it to other people, to make money. Because again, they list services, and they’re getting that information, for those purposes, to sell. So be careful with that. The other piece to take a look at, is if you’re getting these spam email messages, and you don’t want to get them anymore, a lot of these kind of systems, will have an unsubscribe link. Click on the unsubscribe link, sometimes you may have to do it two or three times, because you may be in the multiple, different systems of theirs, you may be on different lists, that you want to get unsubscribed from. But if you see an unsubscribe link, or an opt-out button, click on that and opt-out, and that’s going to also reduce some spam.

Typically, take a look at that once a quarter, go through your mailbox, and see the spam that you’ve gotten. Let it kind of come in your mailbox, go ahead and delete, and then go through, and just clean that up, you can manually clean that up. The second thing to take a look at, is actually an anti-spam / anti-virus service for email. This was one of the layers of security that we talked about, and some of our videos. But one of the first layers for email security, is before email gets delivered into the corporation, or inside the organization, is you want to scan it for spam first, and then viruses second. And so, what we’re going to take a look at, is the content that we’re getting, is it spam?

Now, what happens when spam gets delivered, is it’s rated, it’s on a score, a scaling factor, you know one to ten, or whatever the engines inside it use. And if it sees that the message is heavily spam related, containing key words, or may be in containing HTML, it’ll tag the message that’s spam, and depending on what your organizational spam settings are, whether you’ll allow it to come in, or may quarantine, or may completely block it from delivery altogether. So it really kind of depends, on how your organization’s set up, over how it’s going to receive that. But you want to make sure, that we put an application, in front of getting those emails in there, to make sure that when you get those messages. Now the beauty of that, is that you can go in and, you know, say that, look, I don’t want to receive newsletters as spam, I don’t want to receive sales things on spam. You can select different things, that you may or may not want to receive.

Maybe you’re a huge internet shopping junkie, and you want to see all the things that Amazon has to offer, or Walmart, or JC Penneys, or Dillards, or whoever online that’s got a sale that you want to see, and you want to see those, you can select those things to still get those. But again, if your goal is to get rid of spam, stop signing up for that junk, and get a service that’s going to help protect you and your organization, from getting that information. Because honestly, a lot of bad malware, and a lot of viruses, come from spam, everyday. This is kind of the first way people come in.

They may offer you a $50 gift card, or they may tell you that, hey look I’ve got this invoice you need to pay, all kinds of things kind of come in via email, and that’s really a gateway for people, for hackers get into your infrastructure. So guys, you know, we want to really kind of be safe out there, and with your spam, and looking at the emails, looking for spam. But we covered two things today. Number one, stop signing for the junk, that’s the easiest thing to do. Number two, put a service in place in your business, to make sure that you’ve got some layer of protection, that you can manage organization wide, for everyone in the company, to help kind of protect you and your data. Well, that sums it up guys, hope you have a great week and we’ll see you next time. Subscribe our newslatter for useful posts. Stay safe and follow our website for more latest informative posts. Take care and Bye Bye. Best regards Thank you .

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