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How to shot YouTube 360° Live Streaming in 2022

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Today, we will teach you how to do YouTube 360  live stream correctly, without the limitation  of 1000 subscribers. Yes, you don’t need to  be famous to live stream on YouTube in 360.  2nd thing I want to teach you is how to get  rid of that ugly black holes you see on 360  live streaming. If you saw my review, you know  Qoocam 8K or Enterprise, or the little Qoocam  Fun has a perfect 4K 360 live stream on YouTube.  But if you live stream with Labpano Pilot One. 

Insta360 Pro 2 or the latest Tech 360Anywhere,  you see that ugly black holes on the top and  bottom of your 360 videos during LIVE, but  it goes away after YouTube processed your  video. We will learn how to avoid that even  during LIVE within your Oculus VR headset. If you want to reach thousands of live audiences  on YouTube VR, and to produce the highest quality  professional 360 VR Live stream, this  short tutorial is for you. Let’s go. Hey what’s up, everyone! It is  your Boi Hugh here from Creator Up.  

The #1 YouTube education channel teaches you  how to film immersive video in Virtual Reality. Virtual Production with Unreal  Engine and 360 Live streaming are so  important right now during the post COVID  era. And I want to teach you how to do  it correctly on one of the largest  platforms in the world, YouTube VR.  If you are not sure why your business should do  360 live stream, check out this video right here. First, you don’t need 1000 subscribers to live  stream 360 on YouTube VR.

Just don’t use the  YouTube API! YouTube API requires app users to  have at least 1000 subs to use the API to stream.  This is the YouTube button on your Insta360  One R or Qoocam 8K app. Don’t use that.  You use the old school RTMP stream. Honestly,  no matter how many YouTube followers you have,  you just never use the camera app  for live streaming, write this down! Here is how to use RTMP to  live stream on YouTube in 2020. 1. Select live stream icon — pick RTMP instead of  YouTube (Insta360, Labpano, or Qoocam 8K all works  kinda the same. It is the last option usually) 2. On your YouTube account on a computer,  click this little camera icon and select Go Live. A bouns tips – you can enable Super Chat on  YouTube to make money from your viewers.

If  you are an musician, artist, or performer,  I highly recommend you to enable Super Chat right  here – so you can take in super fan donation. 3. Go to streaming settings  and enable “360° video” Before we are moving forward, we are  going to explain one common problem I saw in  almost every 360 Live stream out there – the  black holes if you look up and  down in VR headset during LIVE. You will see this if you are live streaming  with Labpano Pilot One or the brand new Tech  360Anywhere.

This is because all these  cameras stream in 2 by 1 ratio – which is  3840 by 1920. YouTube expect a 4K stream in 3840  x 2160. Because of this resolution mismatch,  we get ourselves ugly blackholes. No worry, we can  easy solve this by following these extra steps:4 – Go to Stream Key drop down  and select Create new stream key 5 – Give a name and description, under Maximum  Stainable Bitrate that you can support –  choose 13Mbps – 30Mbps 4K. This is extremely  important if you are doing professional 4K 360  Live stream.

If you are using 360Anywhere, Labpano  Pilot One, Insta360 Titan, or the new updated  Insta360 Pro 2 – then you have to choose this  and keep your upstream speed around 13 – 30Mbps. 6 – For Tech 360Anywhere, it can do  4K 60fps 360 Live stream – it gives  great result if you are doing sports broadcast.  But for anyone else, don’t check this. 7 – Hit Create Now copy and paste the server  URL and Stream Key onto your app.  Make sure you add a slash between your Server  URL and Stream Key if you only have 1 input box  like Qoocam 8K – then you are ready to go LIVE! Professional Multi-stream 360 VR Live The brand new Tech 360Anywhere is the best  360 camera for Live stream without a stitch  box computer. Qoocam 8K Enterprise can also  match that quality, but it requires an extra  license of Qoocam Live and a powerful PC as a  stitch box – which can get really expensive. Another feature of 360Anywhere is to allow you  to stream in 2 YouTube channels simultaneously  in 360. Or stream on YouTube VR and Facebook  360 at the same time.

Let me show you how now: Go to Live tap and turn on Build-in  Transcoding. Live Protocol is RTMP.  You can set 8K or 4K live streaming.  But now you have 2 push stream  addresses that you can input 2  streams to different platforms. This potentially allows you to charge your client  twice the money and really help grow your 360 live  streaming business. Right now, only 360Anywhere  has this feature. I hope more 360 cameras will  roll out this useful feature as well. If I just help you to make more money,  give me a like and help me to share this  video to your friends on social media!

Thank you for reading this short 360  live streaming tutorial on YouTube VR.  As a VR streamer, you should suggest your viewers  to watch it on VR headsets like Oculus Quest. 360  Live stream shot on Qoocam 8K Enterprise or Tech  360Anywhere looks really good – and I am confident  to say at this point, 360 Live stream quality  is really good and ready for the mass market  adaptation. With the Oculus Quest 2 launch,  it brings down the price of every VR headsets,  at the same time, double the image quality. But one question remains for the US market, how  to do 360 Live stream on the new Facebook? Well,  this will be the next tutorial.

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