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Get a free .com domain just at $0 for 1st year

Whenever some one plan to start a online platform for his business or personal use the main topic come to his mind is domain name.You can get a domain name at around $8 to $15.But most of the case not in developed countries but in under developing countries people do not have available funds to purchase a domain name.Hence even they have a good business idea but can’t kick start with their online business.Now you have the solution to start your online website with a free domain just at $0.The offer is for limited time.So don’t waste your time thinking what should you do!

Yeah this is absolutely right.Yahoo Small Business now offering a .com domain totally free for one year.No restriction and terms and conditions there.You can use this domain for any purpose.You can use this domain like:

Create News website

IndexPurpose to use this free domain
1Create your wordpress website.
2Create your wix website.
3Start your Blogging
4Start your News Portals

So hope you get it that you can use this domain almost all the major web fields or purpose.So what are you waiting for?

Start today with a free domain and create your online web portal.

Does Yahoo Small Business charge for the free domain?

No charge for one year.Absolutely free for the 1st year

Does Yahoo Small Business charge periodically for the package?

Yeah after one year they will charge $120 periodically

Any issue with the free domain?

No issue to work or use this domain to any platform.

Does this domain use full for SEO purpose?

Yeah you can use it for SEO purpose

Can I get a .Net or other domain extensions free from Yahoo Small Business?

Yeah You can get other domain extensions first time from Yahoo Small Business for 1 year

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Stay with us and get all latest tech news and updates in one place